Peace At Last

Peace At Last contains the after-death experiences of John Lennon as communicated directly from the Spirit of John to clairaudient Jason Leen. Jason was clairaudient (the ability to hear higher frequencies) since the age of 5 and whose work is respected worldwide.

The book details John's experiences in the heavenly realms as we read what happens after he passes through the tunnel of light. However, more than just an unveiling of John's after-death transformation, this book contains detailed information concerning the Divine plan for the transformation of the earth currently underway.

Jason began receiving the Lennon information in December 1980, but John asked him not to publish their conversations for almost 10 years. He conveyed to Jason some big changes were coming, after which the world would be more receptive to this form of communication.

John’s openness and sensitivity inspired a whole generation of people to follow his lead. Now he asks us to view death in a new way than we may have before. Having passed through the illusion of death, and freeing himself from it’s limitations, John now seeks to share what he has learned.

Throughout the book John is under the tutelage of a variety of etheric beings (teachers). Step by step the reader is taken through the awakening process. We are given a front row seat to transcending through time and space to see the oneness of all creation and the love that awaits each of us. Explanations are given about the ascension of the human body, including direct access to divine energy through the DNA and the opening of the solar center of the human heart. Even those who have long been students of metaphysics will deeply appreciate the clarity and depth of this profound book.

In life, John deeply believed in the power of music and love. In his after-life he reaches back across the "veil" to all who will listen... as a messenger, an emissary for the energies now available to assist in mankind's evolution.

Jose Argüelles, author, of several books including Earth Ascending and The Mayan Factor, wrote, “Peace At Last has the ring of truth. It provides valuable insights on after-death experiences and contains remarkable and highly useful information regarding the current Earth shift. For this reason, Peace at Last should not only be read for inspiration, but studied for the precise pathway it opens to understanding the inter-dimensional nature of our reality.”

Juanita Orton Keith, author, Your Radiant Body wrote, “What a fantastic reading experience! John Lennon’s spirit message to humankind is truly ‘right on!’ Surely his message will inspire millions.”

John shared with Jason, “to the degree we fear death we do not embrace life”. As we share John’s experiences in the pages of this book, he helps us to let go of this fear and embrace the fullness of loving life.

The afterdeath experiences of John Lennon