by Jason M. Leen & Jan Klyce
Illustrated by Gary Lund

By Lori Calabrese (Children's books Examiner) partial review

Jason M. Leen and Jan Klyce bring us a new magical reindeer tale that will have you listening for hooves clacking on the rooftop. Andrew's Wish is a fun rhyming story full of the magic of Christmas. It sends the wonderful message of the importance of giving and will make a great addition to your holiday collection. You can read or listen as the book includes a cd with a narration by Kelsey Grammer who has the perfect voice to present the compassion present in this whimsical tale.

By Donna McCrohan Rosenthal (in the News Review)

Just off the presses, Jason M. Leen and Jan Klyce's sweet, uplifting children's tale "Andrew's Wish" (J & J Publishing, hardcover, 32 pages, $15.95) beautifully illustrated by Gary Lund and concerning a reindeer named Andrew.

He sleeps on a heated water bed while visions of roasting apples dance in his head, so soundly in fact that he misses Santa's appearance at his home. When he does wake up, he discovers that Santa left a big box of gifts behind by mistake.

Andrew decides to truck the cold, winding path to the Elven Kingdom, hoping the elves will use their magic to send the treasures through time and space to youngsters everywhere.

The authors have written the book in a combination of pure rhyme (for example "all" / "call") and assonate rhyme ("queen" / "dream"), providing the opportunity for a lesson in poetry, together with the more important one about going the distance for the sake of others.

For extra measure, Leen and Klyce added a CD narration recorded by Kelsey Grammer, his diction as crisp as jingle bells on a frosty night and as smooth as eggnog . If you want "Andrew's Wish" and can't find it on the shelves you can order it on line directly from"

* * *

By Bani Sodermark (65632 Karlstad, Sweden)

"I love illustrated children's books, especially those that have to do with Christmas, my favorite time of the year. So I jumped at the
opportunity to review this book when it came my way.

This is a beautiful book, reminiscent of "Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer", and with a message, quite relevant for our times. It is the story poem of a reindeer called Andrew, who dislikes his name.

One day, just before Christmas, he oversleeps and fails to join Santa Claus on his rounds. Besides, a huge box of presents are left behind. What happens next, is what the story is about, and the ending is sweet. Andrew finds out, that in his taking responsibility and giving of his best, he receives a present of great worth. This is what exemplifies the Christmas spirit, at least as I see it.

The color illustrations are lovely, and they, combined with the audio recording of the text by Kelsey Grammer, supplement the text superbly. This book would make a great Christmas present for a child who likes to read. Very likely, the child's parents/guardians will also do so.

Strongly recommended".

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Actor, Videographer, Graphic Designer and most importantly ... a
grateful and appreciative mom!

"Wow! Fantastic! Awesome! Andrew's Wish is sure to become a traditional holiday classic, right along with The Polar Express and Twas the Night Before Christmas! A must have for every child's library (even for those young at heart!).

Andrew's Wish is an exquisitely written new holiday story that takes the reader on a beautiful heart warming journey. It is magnificently illustrated and how can you go wrong with the accompanying narrative CD by classically trained actor, Kelsey Grammar?! I can't figure out how they have kept the entire package so inexpensive??? We can't wait for the day when it becomes a film!!!

BRAVO to the amazing talents of Jason Leen, Jan Klyce and Gary Lund! Thanks for sharing this beautiful tale with the world."

By Rosamundi

Andrew's Wish is pure love! It is just the right tone for Christmas and it fills every heart from toddler to elder. Enjoy.

By Christine George (equine artist)

If you love illustrated books, this one is amazing! So special. Not only is the story line cute and poetic, a child's imagination will soar with these lovely illustrations, a must for
all with children.

By Margarita Ajello

I'm looking at this charming magical story book and am amazed how beautifully written and illustrated it is! The colors throughout are vibrant and stunning. The story is heart warming and inspiring... Andrew's Wish truly captures the spirit of Christmas. Reading this book to my great grand niece is such a joy and I can picture her treasuring it and reading to her children some day. I also think that Andrew's Wish is a lovely addition to the coffee table during the holidays.

By Justin Cutter

I wish somebody had read Andrew's Wish to me when I was a little one. At least I can make up for it now by reading it to the little ones around me. What a sweet tale, tying in a Christmas classic with a great new moral.