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Andrew’s Wish, written by Jason M. Leen and Jan Klyce is beautifully illustrated by Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominee Gary Lund, Andrew’s journey begins in Santa’s Village where he finds a box of gifts that Santa left behind. Quickly rising to the occasion, Andrew, thinking only of the children, carries the box over the snow covered hills to find the kingdom of the elves. There, he hopes his wish for the gifts to somehow arrive by Christmas morning can be granted by the Elven King. In this timeless story, Andrew transports himself into the heart of every reader with his message of love. (For ages 5 years and up.)

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J & J Publishing is proud to announce it’s inaugural publication with the release of The Prophet Trilogy, The complete and authorized edition of Gibran’s immortal trilogy. No other author in modern history has revealed the hidden landscape of the human heart in the way that Gibran revealed it and no other book has spoken to the heart as deeply or touched as many lives as his masterpiece, The Prophet.

Although Kahlil Gibran did not live to see The Prophet Trilogy published as one edition, he fully realized within his lifetime that it would require three books in order to tell Almustafa’s full story. J&J Publishing is privileged to present the complete text of The Prophet, The Garden of the Prophet and The Death of The Prophet in the format, which the author originally intended.

Peace At Last contains the after-death experiences of John Lennon as communicated directly from the Spirit of John to clairaudient Jason Leen. Jason was clairaudient (the ability to hear higher frequencies) since the age of 5 and whose work is respected worldwide.

The book details John's experiences in the heavenly realms as we read what happens after he passes through the tunnel of light. However, more than just an unveiling of John's after-death transformation, this book contains detailed information concerning the Divine plan for the transformation of the earth currently underway.

Even those who have long been students of metaphysics will deeply appreciate the clarity and depth of this profound book.

In life, John deeply believed in the power of music and love. In his after-life he reaches back across the "veil" to all who will listen... as a messenger, an emissary for the energies now available to assist in mankind's evolution.

John shared with Jason, “to the degree we fear death we do not embrace life”. As we share John’s experiences in the pages of this book, he helps us to let go of this fear and embrace the fullness of loving life.
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