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“As I felt the release of my physical body, a powerful surge of light filled the room and the world I had known disappeared.  I was being swept through a tunnel as bright as the sun itself”

John Lennon has returned to share this journey into other realms of existence and to explain the radical changes we are about to experience in our personal lives and the world we live in.

This book is dedicated to Peace on Earth and to the countless individuals who have served this cause.

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Peace At Last contains the after-death experiences of John Lennon as communicated directly from the Spirit of John to clairaudient Jason Leen. Jason was clairaudient (the ability to hear higher frequencies) since the age of 5 and whose work is respected worldwide.

The book details John's experiences in the heavenly realms as we read what happens after he passes through the tunnel of light. However, more than just an unveiling of John's after-death transformation, this book contains detailed information concerning the Divine plan for the transformation of the earth currently underway.

Jason began receiving the Lennon information in December 1980, but John asked him not to publish their conversations for almost 10 years. He conveyed to Jason some big changes were coming, after which the world would be more receptive to this form of communication.

John’s openness and sensitivity inspired a whole generation of people to follow his lead. Now he asks us to view death in a new way than we may have before. Having passed through the illusion of death, and freeing himself from it’s limitations, John now seeks to share what he has learned.

Throughout the book John is under the tutelage of a variety of etheric beings (teachers). Step by step the reader is taken through the awakening process. We are given a front row seat to transcending through time and space to see the oneness of all creation and the love that awaits each of us. Explanations are given about the ascension of the human body, including direct access to divine energy through the DNA and the opening of the solar center of the human heart. Even those who have long been students of metaphysics will deeply appreciate the clarity and depth of this profound book.

In life, John deeply believed in the power of music and love. In his after-life he reaches back across the "veil" to all who will listen... as a messenger, an emissary for the energies now available to assist in mankind's evolution.

Jose Argüelles, author, of several books including Earth Ascending and The Mayan Factor, wrote, “Peace At Last has the ring of truth. It provides valuable insights on after-death experiences and contains remarkable and highly useful information regarding the current Earth shift. For this reason, Peace at Last should not only be read for inspiration, but studied for the precise pathway it opens to understanding the inter-dimensional nature of our reality.”

Juanita Orton Keith, author, Your Radiant Body wrote, “What a fantastic reading experience! John Lennon’s spirit message to humankind is truly ‘right on!’ Surely his message will inspire millions.”

John shared with Jason, “to the degree we fear death we do not embrace life”. As we share John’s experiences in the pages of this book, he helps us to let go of this fear and embrace the fullness of living and loving life.

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Bani Sodermark
A rare bouquet of Esoterica
This book is one of the rarest of its genre. As it says, the author is John Lennon, who, after his death from a bullet in early Dec.1980, found a way to transmit a specific message through the author in the physical, Jason Leen, who has previously channelled 'The Death of the Prophet' by Kahlil Gibran. The author on the physical, in the interest of authenticity and accuracy holds an extremely low profile, not even mentioning his name on the front cover, preferring instead to speak of his own relevance through a carefully worded introduction. According to him, even the title, 'Peace at Last' has been chosen by the legendary Beatles musician.

It has been made clear in the Introduction to this book that it is not meant for sceptics who do not believe in a Life after Death. But even for those who do, this book can test their credulity. It recounts a rare journey into the very heart of creation, surpassing all the ever increasing number of accounts of near death experiences coming out today, in the sheer richness of its depth and detail.

For those of us who are aware of the monumental changes to be expected after the year 2012, (or even that there is to be a transition at all), due to mankinds' unsustainable growth, this book conveys a sense of hope and comfort. It is a comfort in the sense that we get to hear, through somebody who has shared our earth experience that we as a species have not been forgotten by the Forces that Are, in the Heart of Creation. That such Forces which Exist, care enough about us, in our miniscule spheres of existence, to find somebody, reasonably well known, to transmit just this message- that They care, that Help is available. And that we are Loved beyond our knowledge, beyond our imagination.

For me, personally, reading this book has re-infused me with the sense of quiet that I have learned to crave. It has restored to some measure, the sense of hope that is so vulnerable to the multitudinous attacks to one's subconscious, attacks born out of the stress of living in a modern society, of its jarring rhythms and hectic pace. It validates the existence of an immense body of consciousness waiting in the wings to help us and cheer us on as we go through our daily chores. I feel also that this is one of the books with a message from Above, written with the express purpose of preparing humanity for the coming Earth transition.

All in all, this book is a must read for those interested in re-membering their lost s-elves.

Bruce Saunders
Very inspiring book!
This is a very inspiring book! For the most part, we live in an earthly-bubble of worldly experiences, without any sense or memory of what lies on the "other side." Peace at Last is an eye-opening view of a truly unbounded, infinite universe, that we are all a part of and are destined to experience in our own unique way and time. The fact that John Lennon is the soul that cared enough to share his experience with the world is a testament to what was deep within him. In his life on earth he consistently encouraged us to "give peace a chance." I always felt the sincerity of his intentions while on Earth and I feel the sincerity and truth of the experiences described in Peace at Last. Whatever instinctive fear of death I may have had, was replaced by an almost eagerness to experience that very expansive and blissful side of life.

Julia Fairchild
This book is a MUST read
, a classic worth reading over and over
I actually have read this book many times, and share it at every opportunity. Not only does it give the humble account of John Lennon, his thoughts, his reactions, his philosophy, but it also gives some astounding information about what to expect on the other side. Encouraging, joyful, uplifting, need-to-know kinds of things. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that this book is one of those that I have purchased over and over, because I keep giving it away.

By Fort Schlesinger.
Reading Jason Leen's book on John Lennon is like flying thru the complex patterns of an orb into a whirlpool of rainbow light. John says we can release all our limitations and open our souls to the healing balm of the Source of all love.

Within that light we are one. The message here is that you are a child of light; go forth with courage in the assurance of that light. This book contains the rhythmic exchange of light in a radiant symphony of words.
In this book John calls for a deeper understanding of our human race and for the realization of our true nature. We are reminded that love is the creative force that designed and sustains the universe and that we are transforming the earth thru our love.

Craig Pruess
Gets to the nitty-gritty of the passing-over experience
This is the type of book that creates a new future for higher education: looking at and pondering the BIG questions: 1) why am I here?; 2) who am I?; and 3) what happens when I die? And to probe these questions, I really feel that it is important to bypass our cold logic and doubting intellect for a while. Why? Because deeper experiences go beyond those confines. Yet, people always want to apply scientific reasoning to this level investigation -- thus the constant merry-go-round and arguments.

Having delved into Eben Alexander's "Proof of Heaven", this book is an excellent companion, an elder statesman, and an inspiring glimpse into the bigger life beyond this everyday world, the realm of other dimensions. That it should be through the inspiration of a musician (and his scribe, Jason Leen) I feel is highly significant. Music and songs touch the soul. John Lennon was a great example of an artist using his art to ponder the unponderable, to explore the big questions. I've read many scholarly analyses of songs and lyrics in my time, but they always leave me rather cold, because the realm of powerful music that touches lives IS BEYOND THE LIMITING INTELLECT.

For me, the power of this book is precisely that: imagine a world where Infinite Love is possible, where we can fly with our dreams, where we are all connected. The very things that John Lennon was writing about in his life paved the way for a beautiful and inspirational passing. From the other side he received an immensely powerful download about the nature of Life and Love. No wonder he wanted to tell us all about it.

Beautiful Reading Experience
Peace at Last is a beautiful reading experience! John Lennon's message is inspirational. Reading this book brought great peace to me on many levels. The message Jason receives from Lennon is uplifting, full of love, joy and offers great hope to the reader that life does not end when we leave this plane. I highly recommend this book to everyone with an open mind and a loving heart. It was so good ... I couldn't put it down! I read it in one sitting!

Christine George
Such detail from the week before John was shot to his journey through to the other side. Anyone wondering what's on the other side NEEDS to read this. Anyone who has lost a loved one needs to read this. It's so comforting to know. I don't want to give it away, so just get it and read it.

Good read for those with an open curious mind. I found this book to be very interesting with a positive message. Many of the concepts were very thought provoking. I enjoyed it!

Kendra Grace-Cook
Relevant and mind blowing.
Fascinating… a journey. good read. If you have an interest in the life of John, then this is very interesting. recommend.

Lennon from beyond the grave
I read this book in the early 90s when it first was published and was eager to revisit it. There is so much more than I grasped from before and it appears that Lennon indeed connected with the author. The details of his movements in the astral planes or spiritual realms, including the Fountain of Forgiveness and other temples, are ones I've never read in other writings. Keep an open mind. It is comforting to think of Lennon playing a part in the healing of the Earth and our energies... No more war was his cause and perhaps we may realize that one day.

As someone who purchased and read both "Across the Universe with John Lennon" and "Peace at Last", I felt I finally had to knuckle down and give this book a well-deserved review.

A few months ago I reviewed "Across the Universe", and it is only fair that I review this book, as well. Both claim to be the channeled after-death experiences of John Lennon, but for me, only one resonated with my soul: "Peace at Last".

For anyone expecting a day-to-day account of John's life in Heaven, you will be disappointed. This is not an after-death diary of his experiences in Heaven as much as its an account of his transformation from an ego-based human being to the spiritual being that he (and we all) are.

What was amazing to me is that there is no way the author could have made this stuff up. Every detail of what occurs in the spiritual realms is told in such a graphic, pain-staking way that you are left awed by the descriptions. What I came away with was the comfort in the beauty, love and healing that awaits us all, and how the shedding of our earth-based egos is an automatic and necessary process that aligns us with the spiritual beings that we truly are. John, upon his death, is taken through a transformative process wherein he evolves more and more into an enlightened spirit..still cognizant of his earth family, yet slowly embracing and remembering his real Home. He is joined by his mother who aids him in this spiritual Home-coming and journey. If you want to experience through the enlightened spirit of John Lennon his after-death journey through the spiritual realms and their role in transforming him from the identity we know as John Lennon to the spiritual being that he is, read "Peace at Last" and see for yourself.

Osalina Berman
Very Insightful
This book is a comfort to any one afraid of death to remind people that death is merely another journey along the path of our own awakening as individual souls. It serves as a wonderful step by step guide as to the various spiritual tools one can use to find more inner peace. I highly recommend this book as a soothing balm for healing the soul and truly a great inspiration.

The afterdeath experiences of John Lennon
Spoken to and received by Clairaudient Jason Leen