Jan Klyce, Co-Founder and President of J & J Publishing, brings a unique and fresh perspective to the world of commercial enterprise; combining a well developed comprehension of daily operations with a keen sense of all that is required to establish international branding of new product lines.

Fourth generation in Mill Valley, California, Jan was raised with a deep appreciation of the vitality and cooperation necessary to maintain the wellbeing of any community. She found the opportunity to apply these principles as she began her public career in 1972, facilitating and instructing national and international seminars for the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI).

In 1979, Jan stepped more directly into the world of financial and property management, acquiring her real-estate license. Her responsibilities included analysis of investment properties, contract negotiations, assistance with limited partnerships, overseeing management of properties during holding stages, accounting responsibility for investment, daily operations and payroll accounts, and overseeing communications and updates with corporate law offices with budget control for $40 million worth of commercial real estate.

In 1983 Jan founded Unified Concepts, a privately held company, which sells ecologically designed health care systems. Establishing both national and international markets, she negotiated all contracts regarding distribution, supervised and directed marketing personnel, and managed the sales, training and accounting departments.

In 1987, Jan became Vice President, Manager, and Sales Coordinator for Ki Vision, a fine art company. Her responsibilities of financial, accounting and management included marketing and promotion of the art, management of all phases of art reproduction, negotiation of all contracts for exhibition, reproduction and original art sales, as well as assistance with the initial concepts and development for commissioned art.

In 1993, Jan's combined business and artistic skills led to her position as Vice-President and Co-Producer of Etanali Films, Inc. where she is directly involved with every phase of film development and production. As President of J & J Publishing, Jan blends together the sensitive eye of the artist and poise of the modern businesswomen, fusing a wide variety of skills into the perfect blend of vision and management required by the global publishing environment.

Jason M. Leen, was the Co-Founder of J & J Publishing. Jason is no longer on the earth, but the name J & J (for Jan and Jason) will honor his contribution to this company and the inspirational products it continues to make available to the world.

Because of Jason's clairaudient abilities that began at the age of 5, the literary accomplishments of The Prophet Triogy and Peace at last are two treasures for us all to be nourished and inspired by. Jason awoke out of a dream with the beginning verses of Andrew's Wish, which then became a collaborative writing effort with Jan. All three books have in common the importance of love in precise forms that will ideally allow the greatest response from the reading public.