Written by Jason M. Leen and Jan A. Klyce

Illustrated by Gary Lund

Jason M. Leen had loved poetry since he was a child. One morning, a story poem followed him from a dream. Jason quickly captured the poem on paper, then added a small drawing of the main character, a young reindeer named Andrew. Andrew then slept in a wooden cabinet for more than two years, waiting for just the right moment when he could tell his story to the world. Jason feels that moment has arrived, and that Andrew is destined to touch our hearts in a very special way as he fulfills his wish.

Jan A. Klyce, as president of J & J Publishing, realized in an early review that the story of Andrew's journey was incomplete. With Jason's understanding and appreciation, she began to collaborate by adding essential passages throughout the book, allowing Andrew to tell his full story in a truly delightful manner. Jan's attention to nourishing the heart has been acompanied by a twenty year background in both production and management of fine art, which assisted her in every aspect and detail of the book layout, color, and design.


Gary Lund began drawing at the age of seven. During his 46 year art career, Gary has received an Emmy Award and an Academy Award nomination for art design in films, which, include The Point by (Harry Nilsson), and The Legend of John Henry. He has also received awards for his illustrative work in magazines, non-fiction and children's books. His wonderful blend of artistic genius and sensitivity to capture the essence of every emotion made Gary the perfect choice for Andrew's Wish. Gary now resides in New Mexico with his wife Susan and their three cats and is currently making short animated films.

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