1950 - 2011

Born in Virginia in 1950, Jason Leen was a modern version of the historic Renaissance man. An internationally respected author, published in nine languages, Jason divided his time between his books, the launch of J & J Publishing and the multi-tasking of Producer/Screenwriter for Journey of The Beloved, a feature film currently in pre-production by Etanali Films, Inc., based upon the story contained within the completed text of THE PROPHET TRILOGY. .

Although he was clairaudient since the age of five, Jason grew up with a sense of acceptance and innocence regarding his ‘gift’, due to his mother’s care. As the daughter of a renowned faith healer, she was aware that these abilities are given for a purpose, and she encouraged patience until the purpose became clear.

Jason’s empathetic sensitivity increased and developed as he grew into an adult. Participating in several of the earliest ‘remote viewing’ projects hosted by the US Navy, he began to realize the strength and accuracy of his natural talents, although their ‘purpose’ still remained a mystery.

It was in January of 1973, that the purpose for his special gift finally revealed itself. While recovering from extensive ankle surgery, preceded by a medical discharge from the army, Jason spontaneously began to clairaudientally receive the transmission of information that gradually accumulated to form his first published book, entitled "THE DEATH OF THE PROPHET".

Jason had never read the work of Gibran and was not aware of Gibran’s intention to write a trilogy of Prophet books when he first began his adventure in 1973. When Jason was informed during the first years of his work, about Gibran and his prediction of the completion of the trilogy, he cautiously listened, and at first resisted the theories of transmigration and posthumous influence as the source of his work.

A sudden opportunity allowed Jason to move his family to a secluded retreat in the mountains of southwest Oregon, where he quietly allowed the precious text of the manuscript toto be completed. Jason worked in silence, avoiding any public comment on his progress for six years. In 1979 his patience and care prevailed with the completion and publishing of THE DEATH OF THE PROPHET; the final portion of the trilogy as told through the voice of Almitra, the Seeress.

Once the first edition was published, Jason found and then began to study the Gibran letters and journals, which contained the references of the third book, THE DEATH OF THE PROPHET. He read Gibran’s insistent declaration that the final book would be written, allowing Almustafa to return to tell his story. Jason then completely realized that he had not worked alone. Once he fully understood the truth of Gibran’s involvement, he requested that the Library of Congress acknowledge the posthumous contribution made by Gibran, which resulted in the book being listed under both Gibran and Leen in the American Libraries.

Jason pursued international distribution and found strong support for his conclusion of the Gibran classic with both Spanish and Portuguese readers. France and Germany soon followed. Jason encouraged each of these markets through extensive touring, supported by a wide variety of media coverage.

In 1980, just as the PR campaigns for the first book were slowing down, Jason began a clairaudient "relationship" with the spirit of John Lennon shortly after his death, which resulted nine years later in the publication of Jason's second book entitled: PEACE AT LAST, The After-Death Experiences of John Lennon which, is currently published in nine languages with several new countries anticipated in 2004. (See The Beatles Shoppe on Amazon for details)

From 1990 to 1993, Jason traveled extensively to support the foreign markets, bringing the messages of Kahlil Gibran and John Lennon to millions worldwide, who listened with deep interest and responded with their love. In 1994, Jason co-founded Etanali Films, Inc. turning to film production in order to bring his work to the largest global audience possible.

Jason was a dynamic public speaker, who strived to inspire his audience, regardless of the topic. He weaved the obvious and the mysterious together, bridging the heart and mind, offering a vision of the invisible, with the belief that compassion and love form the foundation of the world that we all long to share.