The Prophet Trilogy is a book created from a unique blend of Heaven and Earth. It is also one of the most unusual literary collaborations ever accomplished. It is compiled of three books, two of which, The Prophet and The Garden of The Prophet, were written by Kahlil Gibran, while the third book, The Death of The Prophet, was written by Jason Leen through a clairaudient communication with the spirit of Kahlil Gibran; an event which Gibran himself, had predicted before his death 40 years earlier.

The mysteries and revelations contained within The Prophet Trilogy form the heart of Gibran’s legacy and vision. Their wisdom and beauty escort us into a timeless world of universal love and understanding, nourishing our heart in ways that very few books ever have.

These beloved classics represent the full spectrum of Gibran’s clarity and understanding regarding the triune nature of humanity, revealing the three sacred relationships which nourish and transform our life while we are on the Earth; our relationship with each other, our relationship with Nature and our relationship with our Creator.

Come and experience the love and compassion within the pages of The Prophet Trilogy, as Kahlil Gibran shares the completion of his greatest work.