"I go, but if I go with a truth not yet voiced, that very truth will again seek me and gather me, though my elements be scattered throughout the silences of eternity, and again shall I come before you that I may speak with a voice born anew out of the heart of those boundless silences.

"And if there be aught of beauty that I have declared not unto you, then once again shall I be called, ay, even by my own name, Almustafa, and I shall give you a sign, that you may know I have come back to speak all that is lacking, for God will not suffer Himself to be hidden from man, nor His word to be covered in the abyss of the heart of man."

From: The Garden of The Prophet

Kahlil Gibran was able to foresee not only the completion of his Prophet Trilogy, but he could also predict that a future generation would finally benefit from his grand vision of humanity’s triadic nature.

We are the generation that Gibran anticipated. We are the ones who will comprehend the deeper mysteries, which even now remain hidden within the profound simplicity of his work.

Gibran mapped the hidden landscape of the human heart unlike any author before or since. He looked into the sacred sanctuary of the human Soul and saw beyond the tragedy of the human story, witnessing the inherent Divinity living within each human being.