Online Press Kit for The Prophet Trilogy

We are honored and excited to announce this unique and historic edition of one of the world’s most beloved books, presented at last in the true format, which Kahlil Gibran had always dreamed of and hoped for. You will find it filled with profound insights, deep wisdom, and a compassionate vision.

In this online press kit and throughout this web site, we have provided a variety of materials that we hope will assist you in sharing the timeless wisdom and beauty of The Prophet Trilogy with your readers, audience, and friends. Our resources include:

Book Overview
Press Release
Short Press Release
Terms and Rates Sheet
Interview with Jason M. Leen
Book Review - In-Depth Review
Marketing Statement
Shorter Biographies of Kahlil Gibran and Jason M. Leen

Please refer to the main links on this site for the following: Full Biographies, Reviews / Endorsements, Book Synopsis, Gibran's Vision, and History of The Prophet Trilogy We are delighted for you to use the information we have provided but we request that you obtain written permission before doing so and give appropriate credit on all reprinted information and that you send a copy or example of any item published on the web or in print. J & J Publishing will be happy to assist you in any way, including sending copies for review by book-club buyers, press review, and wholesale/retail purchasing agents.