Some years ago Kahlil Gibran's masterpiece The Prophet inspired and moved many of us. The Lebanese born poet, philosopher and artist lovingly helped reveal us to ourselves through the insightful and profound sayings of Almustafa, 'the chosen and the beloved'. Gibran's legacy of inspired art and literature has enlightened spiritual seekers to this day, ever informing us of our living relationship with God.

Now author Jason Leen has resurrected not only the original work and its mystical sequel The Garden of the Prophet in a beautifully presented new publication, he has also brought the essence of Gibran's spiritual voice to life again in The Death of the Prophet, his channeled completion of Gibran's intended trilogy.

A book to be treasured, not only by Gibran devotees but by all who long to hear and answer to the ever beckoning voice of Love.
Mark Finnan, Canadian Actor & Playwright

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What People Have Said About
The Death of the Prophet (the third book in The Prophet Trilogy)

"Anybody who loved Kahlil Gibran's book The Prophet and/or The Garden of the Prophet will like this new addition. It is truly Gibran's masterful writing, and I love it!"
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"A work of art… awe inspiring in its grace… The mystical beauty is apparent throughout… a true completion of Gibran's trilogy."
Scott Miners, The Turning Point

"For me, this is Gibran's greatest work. It has become my constant companion, my friend… Here, I am reminded and inspired by the wonder of life and the magnificence of my own existence."
Terry McBride, author Getting Well,
Staying Well, and Everybody Wins

"… thought provoking gems… I felt thankful Jason Leen dared to print it… It reminded me of my first reading of The Prophet, and inspired me to go back and read it again."
Nicole Joyce, Magical Blend Magazine

"Destined to become a 'new age' bestseller... A book of eternal wisdom and poetic of the simplest and most enjoyable presentations of the basic concepts that unite those seeking wholeness and expanded awareness."
Steven Lee Weinberg, author Ramtha

"The Death of the Prophet is a masterpiece. I highly recommend thie great work for those who truly search for truth within themselves… a gift to mankind."
JZ Knight, author A State of Mind

"Excellent conclusion to the Prophet's story. Very gutsy and straightforward, this book is written in Gibran's manner, but without any boundaries or caution. I absolutely loved it. There were so many truths contained in it that Gibran knew in his heart, but didn't get the chance to record on paper. A must read for everyone, even if you never read The Prophet."
Kennie Anderson Reviews /

"Those who have read and loved the works of Gibran will welcome this third volume, an authentic and satisfying conclusion to the story of The Prophet."
The Leading Edge Review

"A timeless book… deserves a permanent home on every bookseller's shelf."
Marri Parkinson, Nebula Bookstore

" … an uplifting spiritual experience. The book is from another plane and expresses the universal unlimited love of God."
Ancient Truth Research Foundation

"… beautifully lyrical style with such intense imagery that it left me spellbound. The rhythmic language of these pages ushered me into a timeless world of universal love and understanding, …a book I can highly recommend."
Windwords Bookstore

by Mark Finnan -
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